Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is generated to help’s visitors understand that how we and our partners collect, maintain and use the information of visitors. This privacy policy is applied to every section of the site.

Personal Identification Information doesn’t collect any personal identification information from its visitors, which may possibly be used in any way(s). We also do not force our visitors to provide any personal identification information and visitors can browse any section(s) of our site of their choice.

Non-personal Identification Information is built on the CMS that may collect non-personal identification information of the visitors that include name of browser, name of devices use to browse our site, the name of ISPs and IP addresses of the user connecting to us.

Web Browser Cookies uses both personal and third party cookies storage services. Cookies are basically used to enhance your browsing experience of the site. You may configure the web browsers, so that it can refuse cookies, or alert you when cookies are being called. However, if you choose this option then you may face some difficulties browsing different sites.

Please visit our Disclaimer section to read more about third party disclosure on visitor’s privacy. If you want ask anything about our privacy policy you can use our contact us section.


Last updated: 21-April-2017