Privacy Policy

We realize the importance of protecting personal information of our valued visitors. Therefore, this Privacy Policy is published to help’s visitors understanding the use of PII (Personal Identifiable Information), which usually left stored tools on browsers of their computers and/or cell phones every time they visit our blog through log files. The information that has been collected by these log files helps and its advertising partners to improve the overall surfing experience of our valued visitors. We urge you to read our privacy policy carefully this will help you understand things like how we collect this information, and where (or where not) we use it and most importantly how we protect personal information of our valued visitors. Unlike other websites/blogs we have simplified our Privacy Policy in Q&A format that can be easily understood by any individual.

  1. Q) Doest collects any personal information from its visitors?
  2. A)net does not collect any first-hand or direct information from visitors on/off our website.
  3. Q) Is there any way of collecting information indirect?
  4. A) Content published on is completely FREE and visible to all. We don’t use any option pages to share and hidden content. Although, we don’t have any, but we may launch email subscription service for our visitors enable them to be connected with occasionally.
  5. Q) What way(s) uses to get visitor’s feedback?

We have a separate Contact Us page for visitors to reach us for any query, which does requires Name and Email ID of the person contacting us. Commenting below every post is also a way to get visitors feedbacks. A third party plugin is used for visitor’s commenting interface that requires social account of any renowned platform(s). doesn’t store or collect any information regarding social account’s for commenting.

4) What steps takes to protect visitor personal information and security?

We realize that online visitors don’t care of their privacy protection normally either b/c they are unaware of it or they don’t feel any need for it. cares its visitors and for that purpose we have used one of the most secured hosting platforms for our website. Our website is built with secure WordPress platform and we don’t have any third party script(s) involved as site-builder. Therefore, there is no such risk involved regarding any malware or spy.

5) Do you use cookies?

Just like any other website and/or blog, yes we do. Cookies are small files stored onto visitor’s device through web browser(s). Cookies enable web-builder’s platforms and advertisers to recognize visitor’s device and browsing behavior. Cookies help webmasters and advertisers in delivering better user experience.

Please be informed that cookies DOES NOT track or store any personal information, such as, Name, Email addresses, passwords, financial information or any other confidential information. So, there is no chance of any vulnerability or security breach in surfing any website or blog under cookie enable environment.

6) What If Cookies Are Disabled?

Visitors can disable cookies though setting on their web browsers. Please be informed that disabling cookies may affect user experience to some extent on different websites. Fortunately, with visitors don’t compromise user experience, even there are browsing under blocked cookies environment.

COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) completely follows COPPA rules and regulations. We don’t collect any personal information from our visitors including visitors less than 13 years of age.


We do not collect or hold any email addresses of our visitors as yet. If we will launch our newsletter in any time future, those will be delivered to ONLY opt-in individuals.

We hope information given above helped you understand how we deal with our visitor’s online security and privacy. We ask you to read our “Disclaimer” page as well. If you have any question(s), suggestion(s) and/or complaint(s), please feel free to use Contact Us form.

Last Edited on 2017-23-05